The Country Music Legends of Legends Hall of Fame

The Country Music Legends of Legends Hall of Fame (CMLOLHOF) was established in Denver, CO on April 14, 2009 as a Colorado Nonprofit Corporation.  The CMLOLHOF will apply with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as soon as possible to be classified as a Section 501C(3) Nonprofit Corporation to help the CMLOLHOF and its donors as much as possible with their tax situation.

The CMLOLHOF will be operated exclusively for chartable, education, and scientific purposes as well as the making of distributions to organizations that qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501C(3) of the IRS Code of 1986.  The purpose of the CMLOLHOF will be to promote, support and preserve the history, culture and legacy of country music.  In Colorado, the CMLOLHOF will be doing business as the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame (CCMHOF).

The CMLOLHOF is a very unique organization.  It is going to induct national country music legends ( Willie Nelson, George Jones, Ray Price, Hank Williams, etc), regional and local country music legends as well as local country music entertainers all inducted and honored under one roof in the CMLOLHOF. 

The Legends of Legends Hall of Fame was established in April, 2009.

The Legends of Legends Hall of Fame is a qualified 501(C)3 non-profit organization.


This is the Legends of Legends portal page.

That means it's the gateway to Country Music in Colorado and other States.  It's also the new home of the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame.

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The CMLOLHOF will have its own home, museum and concert hall as well. Once it is established in Denver, the CMLOLHOF will be expanding into other large cities and states.  The CMLOLHOF will have its own TV show, various types of education and various types of music shows, donor drives, product sales on this website and special fund drives to help give it the money it will need to enhance its programs and help with various capital improvement purchases.  The CMLOLHOF efforts will give the general public the greatest number of benefits to see, take part in, enjoy and understand country music from its rural  beginnings to its present day status.

Please check back on a regular basis and get the most recent information on everything going on with the CCMHOF and the CMLOLHOF

Enshrining the Legends of Country Music along with outstanding performers in Colorado and other states' Country Music Halls of Fame

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